Terms & Conditions

Optimum Terms & Conditions

  • Rates provided include all tolls en route
  • Organizers are responsible for driver hotel accommodations
  • Organizers are responsible for parking and parking related fees
  • Organizers are responsible for ferry fees for motor-coach, passengers and driver
  • Smoking is not permitted on coaches 
  • Payments via MasterCard or Visa will result in 3% interest fee - Payments are preferred by electronic transfer or certified cheque
  • Detailed itineraries are due 10 business days prior to charter
  • Should the itinerary exceed our initial expectations for your trip, pricing will be adjusted accordingly
  • Amenities are complimentary and credit will not be given for amenity equipment failure
  • We accept no responsibility for items left on our vehicles, attended or unattended

Cancellation Policy

Upon confirmation of booking, a non-refundable deposit is required by the date and amount stated. In the event that you have paid in full but must cancel your charter, you will be refunded your payment, minus the deposit fee should it fall after the date stated.

Cancellation prior to this deadline will result in a full refund.